Reservation Questions

How can I make a reservation?
Make your reservation by clicking on the “Book Now” link.
How far in advance must reservation be made?
Please try to make your reservation at least 3 days in advance. However, last-minute reservation may be accommodated, so feel free to contact us.
When are reservation finalized?
Your reservation will be confirmed once payment is verified. It will be temporary reservation at the time of application.
When should I make payment?
We request prepayment. Please pay by bank transfer or a credit card within three business days from the day when you made a reservation.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, credit card is accepted.
Is there a cancellation fee?
If your flight is deemed impossible due to the bad weather, etc. 100% of your payment will be refunded. However, cancellation for personal reasons will incur a fee, unless you inform us no sooner than 7 days prior to the date of the flight. (1) The day before or later: 100% (2) Up to 2 days before: 50% (3) Up to 4 days before: 30% (4) Up to 7 days before: none

About our helicopters

How many passengers are allowed?
We have helicopters that can carry 3, 5, and 7 passengers in addition to the pilot.
Can luggage be carried onboard?
Hand luggage such as boston bags may be brought aboard. However, it may not be possible to load golf bags or suitcases, so please inquire in advance.
Are helicopters chartered?
Yes, you will have dedicated use of a single aircraft.
What kind of situation the flight would be cancelled?
It will be cancelled if the safe operation might be endangered because of the rainy weather, strong winds, etc. In this case, as soon as the decision is made, we will inform you.
If my flight is cancelled, what will happen?
The entire amount paid will be returned.

Regarding the flight

How long before the flight do I need to be at the heliport?
Please arrive at the designated location no later than 15 minutes prior to flight time.
Can I have a conversation while on the flight?
You can have a conversation through the headset.
Can I eat and drink onboard?
Only PET bottle drinks are allowed.
Can I use my smartphone onboard?
Yes, you can use it as you like.
Can I bring a camera with me?
Yes, but handy camera only. Please contact us who wants to take aerial photos and movie.

About the Tokyo Heliport

Where is the heliport?
Tokyo Heliport is located at 4-7-28 Shin-Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo.(Tokyo Heliport
Is there a parking lot?
Yes, there is. Please let us know in advance if you are coming by your car.