Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Service provider

PrivateSky Co.,Ltd.

Business representative

Kazuma Nakamura

Contact, etc.

Business hours


How to contact

Through the phone number or e-mail address, or a message form in the homepage

How to make a reservation request

Through a request form in the homepage

Charge for the service

Confirm the description in the homepage

Other expenses borne by customers other than charges for the service

Principally none

How to pay the charge

Payment by bank transfer (advance payment) or a credit card

Payment date

Within two days following the day when we send a notification of our acceptance of the contract

Date when the service is provided

Planned date when the service is provided, as clarified in the notification of our acceptance of the contract

Cancellation charges

If the service is cancelled by the customer for personal reasons (except when the service cannot be provided due to bad weather, etc.), the customer will be required to pay a cancellation charge as follows: If we cannot confirm the customer’s prepayment by the designated deadline and do not hear from the customer by the scheduled departure time of the helicopter, we treat the reservation as canceled.
  • 1) The day before or later: 100% of the service charge
  • 2) Up to two days before: 50% of the service charge
  • 3) Up to four days before: 30% of the service charge
  • 4) Up to seven days before: Cancellation charges do not apply
Besides the above, if the transportation contract with a flight business company requires a cancellation fee, penalty charge, etc., the customer might be required to bear the expense.